How to paint the flowers

If you want to learn to paint the flowers, here are some steps to follow. If you are going to decorate with roses or carnations, whether they are cut or bought, follow the steps below and you will get great results. Then you can decorate some beautiful vases or containers that you like; You can also decorate many things with painted flowers.

To paint roses or carnations, I leave you a small tutorial in which you have to use vegetable dye (widely used in pastry) when you buy it you can do it both in powder, as in gel (it is quite economical) and of the color that you like, since there is a wide range to choose from. The choice of this plant dye is so that the flower does not suffer as much as with other types of dye that are toxic and the flower is damaged earlier.

Once you have the dye, cut part of the flower stem; try to make the cut diagonally, to leave a peak where the plant absorbs water better. Then take a container and dilute, in two thirds of water, a few drops or a little dye in it (the more dye you add, the more color the flower will take .. so the amount will depend on taste)

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<p>Then put the flower, do it on the stem and leave it, in the bowl, for three days. During this time the flower will be taking the desired color. Leave the jar in a place where there is some natural light, so the plant can make photosynthesis and absorb water well.</p>
<p>After a few days, take out the flower and put it in a beautiful vase with water. Now that you know how to paint the flowers, you can compose stunning corsages of the colors you like best. It also becomes a very nice activity to do with our children.</p>
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