plantar arbusto en una maceta

How to plant a bush in a pot

Today I tell you how to plant a bush in a pot, because they can also be in beautiful pots and decorate with them. It is honestly very simple, easier than it seems and will be perfect to decorate our favorite spaces. In a few days, about ten days the plant will take root and be ready to decorate our spaces.

Today I tell you how to plant a bush in a pot, it's easy, first you have to get the pot you want, a deep one where your bush will grow safe and sound. Then add a first layer of gravel or clay; These two articles serve to act as a drain, we will place them at the bottom of the pot.

In addition to adding a layer that serves as a drain, we must also add a well-enriched layer of soil. Fertilized correctly, try to be a fertilizer for milk release, in this way we will be helping our shrub to grow better. Once you have prepared the pot, take out the plant, trying not to hurt the roots … for this you can gently hit the container and also scratch the root ball to peel off the roots that are outside it. This operation can be done with a rake and carefully.

Once you have it, place this root ball at a good level, always with the upper part about 2 centimeters from the edge of the pot. In this way the earth will not overflow when we water. After this add a little dirt and squeeze with your hands so that it is well held.

Once the bush has been planted, it only remains to water properly. You must place the pot in a place that is protected from the wind, in addition to being warm and in the shade, until 10 days, then you can sunbathe … without being extremists. One advice I give you is to settle the earth well with your hands, before watering when we are planting… in this way we will prevent air pockets from being produced. On the other hand it is important to keep the soil moist for the first 10 days, do not let it dry.

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