How to plant a pineapple

Do you want to learn how to plant a pineapple? Now you can know how it is done, today I leave you with some ideas that you can follow, to plant a pineapple at home.

It's easier than it seems, if you want to know a little more .. read on! This delicious fruit is rich, healthy and fresh.

It contains many vitamins and also contains a fairly important diuretic component. If you want to grow pineapples at home, read on!

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<p>The first step is to take a pretty pineapple, which is neither too ripe … nor too green … if you have a good hand, take it in its spot.</p>
<p>Now divide the fruit into two pieces. Try to make the cut just below the leaves, which have on top.</p>
<p>The next step is to take the top part of the pineapple and put it in a plastic container. Remember that you can use a large water bottle.</p>
<p>Now, fill the water container, until you reach two fingers from the edge of the container itself. You will see that little by little the roots of the pineapple will begin to grow until they reach the bottom of the bottle.</p>
<p>Over time you will see that the roots grow and grow until they become a true living enigma.</p>
<p>Then you can transplant it to a beautiful pot. Try to make it big, so that it has just developed.</p>
<p>The roots must be well fixed to the earth .. you will see how pineapples grow! I hope you like this idea.</p>
<p>I don't know about you, but if I had a little more space … I would add some fruit plants to my home.</p>
<p>There is nothing better than having our own fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs … in this way we will give a fresh and natural touch to our meals.</p>
<p>You can eat fruit fresh from your garden at home! I hope these tips help you plant your own pineapple at home.</p>
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