How to plant a tree - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to plant a tree – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decoration and Gardens we want you to plant a tree … if you have that list of the things you want to do in your life … this may be one of those.

Today we teach you to plant a tree in a few steps, you can do it in your garden, in your yard, in the countryside.

The first thing is to get the necessary material, for this we gather: the tree seed to be planted, a square and a round shovel, a rake, water, scissors or a knife and mulch.

The next step will be to choose the right place for the type of tree that we are going to plant .. take into account its dimensions and the space it should have when it is developed.

We will also have to take into account the weather in our place of residence and the type of soil in the garden or where it will be planted, depending on this .. we can plant one or another type of tree.

Once ready, we prepare the ground with water that helps to hydrate and soften it .. mark the place where we will plant the tree with water. If there is grass, remove the piece with a shovel. To remove possible lumps of soil use the rake.

If the tree has roots take care that they are not dry, then they will die. the roots must be hydrated for the tree to develop.

After we dig a hole not very deep, about two thirds of the roots must be placed under the ground.

When you make the hole, with the shovel we will help loosen the walls of the hole, so the roots will grow better.

Once done, we put the tree well vertical. Then we fill the hole, preventing it from twisting.

After watering, it is preferable with a slow drip and water the entire contour of the root of our tree.

Finally we add mulch around, in this way the tree will retain all moisture and develop happily. Prune when necessary and water regularly.

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