How to plant an avocado bone

Have you ever thought about planting an avocado bone? If you think about it, it is very simple, it hardly requires effort and you can do it quickly.

In the future you will get a beautiful avocado tree .. whose fruit contains great properties for our body.

Avocado has many antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other vitamins.

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<p>To get the avocado tree, you just have to plant the bone of one of its fruits.</p>
<p>The first thing is to wash the fruit bone well. When we have cleaned it of possible remains, we must introduce half of the avocado bone in water.</p>
<p>Do not break the bone, just put half of it in water. In this way we have to hold it in some way, so that it does not fall whole.</p>
<p>To do this, just put three toothpicks, stuck in the middle of the bone.</p>
<p>Then choose a glass of water, not very large and fill it. Suspend the bone on the glass with water, with the help of chopsticks so that it does not fall whole.</p>
<p>If you put the bone and see that it needs more water, fill. Remember that you have to fill up to cover half of the bone.</p>
<p>Now, leave this for three or four weeks. This is the time it takes to see the root.</p>
<p>When this happens, we have to wait until this root reaches about 10 cm long. Then it is time to take the bone out of the water.</p>
<p>Now you can remove the chopsticks you put three or four weeks ago. Choose a pot that you like, that is not very large. Add land inside.</p>
<p>On this earth, plant the bone and water everything. To place the bone do it so that one half is inside the earth and the other outside … as in the glass!</p>
<p>Now wait a month, this is when leaves will start to come out! You will see how the plant is changing and developing little by little.</p>
<p>When this happens, try changing the plant to another larger pot. This will develop much better.</p>
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