How to plant Gardenias

How to plant Gardenias

Do you love Gardenias? If you want to decorate your garden or your house, with a beautiful flower of precious petals, here I leave you the Gardenia as one of these plants as an ornament for all our spaces. It is not complicated to grow gardenias, if you want to know a little more keep reading about some tips and steps to follow.

If you love gardenia or it is your favorite flower, now you can have it decorating your favorite corners. Did you know that it is also known as First Love? Yes, this name can also be called one of the most beautiful flowers. Decorating your outdoor areas has never been so easy, although you can also put it indoors.

We will see the gardenias in a beautiful white color, sometimes they remind me a little of roses. The flower composed of many petals, is the most striking, to decorate any place in our home.

With a little soil or organic compost, soil or pot, a shovel, water and little else you can have your gardenias well planted. If you are going to plant, the plant, in the ground … you must make a hole in it and then add the organic soil in it. You must make a hole at least 5 cm deep.

Then get a great PH kit, so you can check the acidity of the soil chosen to plant the gardenias. Remember that it must be the most correct, which for this plant should mark about 5 or 5.5 ph. Then you will have the right soil, remember that if you have Azaleas, in the same garden, you do not need to do anything with this kit since they contribute to improving the acidity of the soil.

After this place the Gardenia plant over the hole and the organic soil. Simply make a hole in the ground, monitor the size of the root ball of the plant. I remember that the hole should be twice as wide as the root ball. Then try to remove 2.5 cm more surface, to place the root of the plant.

Finally, place the Gardenia, in the center of the hole. Do not touch the roots, this is important and then fill in with the rest of the soil that you had removed. Water a little, without flooding and voila. You already have your gardenias planted … in a pot it is the same, only the hole does not have to be done, just add the soil and then place the root ball correctly.

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