How to plant lentils – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave some small tips for planting lentils. If you have no idea and this is your first time, here are some small guidelines to follow.

It is easy to do, in addition you will get a great vegetable with which to make your best dishes. I don't know about you … but I love lentils!

As the saying goes if you want to take them and if you don't leave them, I've always eaten them. Lentils contain a lot of iron and are quite good .. although they can produce gases.

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<p>Believe it or not, the lentil plant is very simple to plant. If you think about it, children in class are sometimes taught to plant them.</p>
<p>This food we usually have at home, but if you want to have it as a plant .. here I give you some small guidelines that you can follow.</p>
<p>The first thing we are going to do, to plant lentils, is a container. This vessel will be the place where we will have them.</p>
<p>The second step is to take a piece of cotton and put it in the base of the container. Try to soak it in water, then put the lentils.</p>
<p>No need to put a lot of them, you can put a few. Remember that lentils usually germinate all more or less .. so this is why you do not need to put more than the account.</p>
<p>With a few it will suffice .. spread them through the cotton and voila! Now you just have to wait … they can leave in a few days … you'll see how they open!</p>
<p>Then you just have to plant them, with the white side up and ready. You can plant them in a pot or on the ground .. as you want.</p>
<p>After a few days, we will get the lentils we want. Then you just have to spend time to be able to harvest our own lentils.</p>
<p>Remember that it is a fundamental dish and, if you feel good, try to eat them from time to time .. they provide a lot of iron.</p>
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