How to plant lentils

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you some tips to plant lentils and enjoy them culinary.

Remember that there are different types of lentil varieties and they all have many proteins and are the most tasty.

If you want to plant lentils, the first thing is to take a few of them and put them in a container.

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<p>Theirs is that you choose a transparent container and then add two pieces of cotton inside. Both pieces must be moistened with water.</p>
<p>place a piece of cotton as a base, then add some lentils, then put the other piece of cotton on them.</p>
<p>The next step is to let the seeds germinate over time. Try to put the boat in a place well protected from cold and light.</p>
<p>Watch from time to time until you see that the seeds in the pot have germinated. Once this time has elapsed you can plant them in a pot.</p>
<p>add soil and ensure that the soil has a good drainage .. for this prepare the pot and if it is going to be a little sandy soil better.</p>
<p>Now you just have to wait and water occasionally, when the soil is a little dry. Remember that too much water is not good, we must ensure that this plant drains well in the place where you put it.</p>
<p>Lentils contain a lot of iron and many proteins, it is essential to have them in the diet and if you cannot eat them, replace them with other foods.</p>
<p>If you needed some advice to plant lentils, today I leave you these. I hope they help you and serve you.</p>
<p>Remember that this activity and in general the garden, can help our children to admire nature.</p>
<p>Share this activity with the little ones! I hope you find this information very useful.</p>
<p>Happy cultivation!</p>
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