How to plant onions - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to plant onions – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we will talk about how to plant onions. If you still do not know and want some advice, here are some suggestions that we hope will be very useful.

Remember that there are different ways of planting onions, for example if you prefer to do it in late summer it will be better plant the seeds with more space between them.

It is preferable to make surface grooves in the ground … but if you are not going to do it on the ground and prefer in flower pot, you can spread some in the same pot.

In both we cover well with compost, whether homemade or not, at least 1.5 cm of it. Then squeeze the ground so there is no air left.

Winter can be very cold, depending on the area where we live, so we have to cover the onions with small tunnels or cover them if they are in pots to protect them.

If you prefer to sow in winter, it is recommended to do it in seedlings and inside the house. Try to have small onions ready for transplanting in spring.

To plant onions in spring we must have some real notions that summer will be rather fresh. You can sow exactly the same way as we have said before for the summer.

But we have to take into account that it clears about 10 cm between them, this we do when the plant grows approximately 10 cm.

Finally we tell you that if instead of seeds you want to use bulbs, it will be better to do it in spring. To do this you only have to make holes of about 15 cm, as if they were small ditches.

Then introduce a bulb into each hole. We squeeze the earth around it and leave quite firm.

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