How to plant vivacious and perennial?

Hello everyone, friends! Today in our space I leave you some tips to learn how to plant perennial and perennial.

Are you interested? Surely a little information, it does not hurt .. so I leave here some tricks for this purpose.

You may have tried it, but the end result was not good … in this way I hope that with these words it helps you.

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<p>The first tip, for a successful plantation of both perennials and perennials, is very important .. make a good purchase.</p>
<p>You must observe very well and carefully, all aspects of the plant in the nursery. When you buy, the first thing you should do is observe the root ball, to ensure the condition of the plant at the root level.</p>
<p>The second piece of advice, to obtain total success, is the ground preparation itself. To prepare the mixture well, first aerate and work enough to be light and as clean as possible.</p>
<p>You must also provide everything within your reach, in terms of nutrients, to improve the richness of the earth. An idea is to add compost or similar.</p>
<p>Another good tip or detail is to watch the weather, you should know what kind of weather you have in the place where you live and in your home.</p>
<p>There are not many mysteries on this subject, it will be enough to choose a time where there are no extreme temperatures, both low and high. Once you see these conditions, everything is ready for the plantation to go well.</p>
<p>Finally, make as many holes as you want to plant. Then place the plant carefully and press the soil, to keep them firm</p>
<p>To finish, you must water. Remember that watering must be moderate and you must do it on the part of the base, in this way you will be helping to stimulate root function.</p>
<p>I hope they help you!</p>
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