How to prepare an insecticide with garlic

Do you want to learn how to create your own insecticide? If your plants have bugs, try to take care of them as they need. Preparing a homemade insecticide can be a great idea … to fight pests such as blissful aphids, mites and even worms. Remember that these pests are very harmful to your plants, do not let them pass or you will run out of them.

This recipe is well known, in some countries you will find it by the name of garlic alcohol .. since it is made from garlic and ethyl alcohol. Following the recipe, the resulting insecticide is completely organic. So you know, if you have any of these pests, try to fight them with the following insecticide.


– half a liter of ethyl alcohol

– 5 cloves of garlic

– half a liter of water


If you have a blender, introduce all the ingredients mentioned in the glass; If you don't have a blender, look for a blender and put the items in a bowl. This way beat everything very well and, if you can, better liquefy them for three minutes. After this time, put the mixture in a sprayer and ready, you can use this effective insecticide!

Remember that, as you will not use the entire mixture on the same day, reserve the container in a cool place like the refrigerator … it will stay there for a longer time. Of course, try to put a label and avoid coming into contact with other foods, also put it somewhere where it is not confused with another liquid. If you have children take more precautions.

Now that the heat comes, pests can invade our beloved plants. Avoid this at all costs and if they have already arrived, try to use products suitable for them. Chemicals can be very aggressive and end up killing our species .. so be careful. If you want to fight aphids, mites and worms, try this effective mix. What do you think?

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