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How to prepare the soil of your garden

We will continue talking about the direct sowing in the orchards. We invite you to read the previous article in which we refer to the benefits of staggered planting and the definition of direct planting, in this case we will start by talking about the correct way to disinfect the soil.

Ways to disinfect the soil

When a soil is frequently cultivated receive different populations of fungi parasites that can be seen in the roots, in addition to nematodes, weeds, etc. For that reason it is best to disinfect the soil every 3 or 4 years.

In the market you will find different chemicals, but most of them are very toxic, so we will tell you about an ecological form called solorization. This method seeks to cook the soil by covering it with a plastic sheet during the summer for one or two months watering the surface previously. Thus you will notice how the ground recovers all its splendor.

How to prepare the land for planting directly

It is necessary that the land is prepared in advance, it must be tilled in the fall or winter to take air and disintegrate. While it is true that many people skip this step and are styled just before sowing.

To dig a motor cultivator or a hoe can be used when the ground is small, you do not have to work if when you walk on the plot the earth sticks in your shoes. In these cases you should expect it to be dry.

In the event that the soil is too clayey we advise you to add some sand at the time of preparing the soil. In the event that the pH of the earth is high (greater than 8) the soil can be considered as limestone for this you must apply iron sulfate so that it can lower the pH and blond peat or sulfur.

If the pH of the soil is low (less than 5.5) we will be in the presence of an acidic soil, in this case you must place ground limestone or dolomite.

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