How to preserve the bouquets

Did they give you a bouquet of flowers and you don't want them to wilt soon? If you need to know how to keep the bouquets better and keep it fresh for longer, here are some practical tips.

As soon as you have the bouquet in your hand, try to find a beautiful vase or container and immerse them in water. It is important to only submerge the stems, so if there are very low or loose leaves, remove them. Soak the bare stems, at least about two hours … in this way the flowers will be recovered a little, since they were purchased.

Another tip is to use a silver vase, if you can (well, we don't all have them at home) but this material contains antibacterial properties that help keep the plants fresher and make them last longer.

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<p>Now, when the flowers are in a vase with water … you must provide the care of any indoor plant … that is, do not give them direct sunlight and avoid putting them in places where there is a lot of air. Avoid putting them next to a heat source this will cause them to wilt soon. Another idea is to take them out at night and add some preservatives, in a small amount … in this way they also last longer.</p>
<p>Finally, I recommend that you cut the stem diagonally, so that it can absorb water more easily. Add fresh water to your flowers, do not leave them with the same water every day and add half aspirin or a whole so that the fresh flowers last longer.</p>
<p>If you are going to choose, yourself, some fresh flowers to decorate the rooms .. try to choose them first thing in the morning and then perform the steps I have left up. Remember that there are plants and flowers that, once cut, last longer and less time … carnations, tulip or crystalline are good candidates to decorate in a vase.</p>
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