How to prevent the appearance of fungus in the rose bush?

The mushrooms in the rose bush are a much more common problem than we might suppose, because just as this species is full of adherents who love their colors and fragrances, the truth is that it also has many pests behind. Indeed, Among the most common diseases that appear in the rose as a result of fungi, we can mention some such as the black spot of the rose, Mildiu or Roya.

Some tricks to avoid mushrooms in the rose bush

Well, if you don't have your rosebush at home yet but want to grow one soon, the first tip we can give you is to take the trouble to look for species of roses that are resistant to parasites and fungi, which there are. In fact, Arbustivos and Rosales Antiguos type roses are a very good choice if we have had bad experiences before With mushrooms in the rose bush. Of course, the correct drainage of the pot, the irrigation, and the sun, are fundamental elements.

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What if I already have it grown?

Well, if the problem of mushrooms in the rose bush has appeared in a plant that you have had for a long time, The first is to confirm the pH of the soil or substrate, which should be between 5.5 and 6.5. To lower it you can use iron sulfate in water, and to raise it, ground limestone. Then you have to keep an eye on fertilization, since if it is missing or left over it is more likely to suffer from diseases, and it may even be a good idea to buy a specific fertilizer for roses in the market.

Then the pruning depends on the type of rose bush you have at home, although in most cases we do not recommend wetting the leaves and much less leaving them wet for a long amount of time, because that causes the appearance of fungi in the rose bush. Of course, if you are not yet a victim of this problem you should check the presence of fungi from time to time, and at this time of the year, it is better that you remove all the leaves that have fallen during the fall, because they can possess fungal spores that will infect in spring.

Have these tips helped you to avoid mushrooms in the rose bush?

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