Poda de las plantas de interior

How to prune your houseplants

It is true that indoor plants need little pruning, but there are some points to consider when you should do it. In the event that your plant grows a lot in height but does not widen or branch, you should detach the ends of the stems to prevent outbreaks from coming out laterally.

A good option is to make pinzas, which consist of cutting the tips, the yolk ends of a stem so that the lateral buds can sprout. This type of cut is advisable for geraniums, coleus, phytonia, fuchsias.

In the case of Ficus benjamina and Ficus nitida that are grown forming a spherical ball with their cup need certain cuts to maintain their shape. The same goes for the Gold Crest, which usually takes the form of a pyramid.

Those hanging indoor plants that grew too much, such as ivy, ficus repens, etc., may require periodic pruning to lighten them, in case they have few stems they can be cut only the tips, that way more will come out.

The yucas and the drácenas usually remain, with the passage of time, with a long and high trunk, when it is bare it is not very beautiful, so many make the decision to cut it in half so that new shoots can emerge.

All plants that have leaves and very dense or messy branches They should receive periodic pruning to clarify them. You should also remove the dried flowers and leaves and trim the brown tips.

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