How to remove ants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to remove ants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! Today in Decor and Gardens, we want to give you some great tips to get rid of the ants we have at home.

Many times in a house, especially if you have a garden or plants, we can have a focus of ants .. first you start to see one, two, three and suddenly you have a great stream of ants.

If you know where the anthillPerhaps we can use more drastic techniques such as poisoned baits.

But if you don't know where they come from, here are a couple of tips that can be very useful.

Whenever you go to handle products toxic, protect your limbs and eyes. Once covered we will see the following repellents.

If you want to remove the plague of ants, you better put a quarter of liquid detergent, for a gallon of boiling water. Cider vinegar, for three days and boiling water with salt for saline solution.

All these ingredients we prepare them and spill them, slowly, on the anthill .. the idea is to flood it with a lot of water. We do this daily and in the morning, for two weeks.

Think that ants, even if they are in the water, can survive for several days … that's why the water will be boiling.

If you have ants in it yard and you want to get rid of them because they invade other places in your environment here we leave you some repellents.

To do this you have to get some ingredients such as: cinnamon, black pepper, bay leaf, cloves, red chili power, red pepper flakes, salt, leftover coffee, sage, cucumber peels, peppermint oils, eucalyptus and lavender.

All we have to do is mix the ingredients and the resulting place them in the places where we usually see the ants. In this way they will chase away, until a point arrives that they will not return.

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