How to remove aphids

Good morning friends, now with spring the aphids they can invade our crops … that's why I leave you a great trick to scare them or eliminate them, as far as possible, from our plants.

Aphids are some of the most common pests that our plants. There are many products, both chemical and natural, to keep them at bay.

But if you also want a small trick Homemade, here is a great one. There are many homemade tricks, another day I explain another and so we can keep this odious plague at bay.

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<p>To eliminate as much as possible this common pest to our crops, you can introduce a natural predator of it.</p>
<p>Among them we have the piglets that are those bugs that make a ball when you try to catch them .. also the ladybugs are a great predator.</p>
<p>Well folks, here is the mix that will make our aphids run away! The first thing is to take some ingredients such as a liter of water, two onions, two garlic, a cup of chili pepper, some potassium soap and ready.</p>
<p>There are many secret formulas, this is one of them .. I hope you do very well. To make the mixture the first thing is to take a blender or a blender and pour all the ingredients. To this mixture we add a cup of water.</p>
<p>Once liquefied, let this homemade mixture stand for a whole night. When time passes, take the mixture and filter it.</p>
<p>When we have filtered the mixture, we add water to obtain a whole liter. We already have the magic formula, this is enough to keep this plague at bay … so insistent.</p>
<p>To apply it to your plants, introduce the mixture in a sprayer and add it to your crops. If you see that the plague is too large, add pulverize your plants with this trick twice a day.</p>
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