How to remove snails in the garden

To know how to eliminate snails and slugs, from your garden or orchard, today I leave you with some good advice. It is common to see certain pests in our plants, since some species are very given to them. If you know the characteristics of what you are growing, you can avoid certain pests that your plants are prone to.

Snails and slugs are very harmful, as they are a predatory pest and our crops will be eaten. But there are ways and products that can be used, to deal with this type of pest so harmful to the garden or orchards. They are easy to follow and you will avoid more than one dislike.

An idea is to use beer, to combat this plague, it is easy to just take a container as a dish and put it under the ground .. so that it is flush with the ground. The smell attracts slugs, they won't go for your plants. It is easy to do, surround the area where you have problems.

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<p>Another fantastic advice and option is salt, we all have at home and it is very good to avoid this plague! You must spread coarse salt, along the path where the snails go. They usually leave a bright trail, so it will be easy to identify it. Pour salt in their ways and you will definitely drive them away.</p>
<p>Finally, another advice and possibility that I give to avoid the plague of snails, is to use oats as such. Spread, around your plants, oats and snails will not touch the crops, as these natural flakes will be eaten. Then they will die and you will see the plague disappear little by little.</p>
<p>As you can see, they are small tips and tricks, very easy to follow. Snail and slug pests occur in humid areas. If you have this problem or can anticipate it, try using some of these tricks. I hope you find them very useful!</p>
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