How to remove snails in the garden

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you some great tips for remove snails You can find in the garden.

If you have a small garden, surely you will soon find life in it. In this case the snail is a great predator .. of your leaves and fruits!

The snail can become a plague, and if they are annihilating your garden, here are some tips to eliminate them easily.

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<p>These mollusks can be found in two ways, either the snail of a lifetime or a slug. Depending on which one you have, they will go for one type of leaves or others.</p>
<p>These little animals love to go out at night and especially when there is humidity, it rains, there is irrigation or it is cloudy.</p>
<p>If you have not seen them, but the leaves of your vegetables have holes and a bright trail … is that you have one of the two.</p>
<p>If they have become a plague try to bury some jars of drinks or food, in the ground. Cut them in half and when the hours pass, you will see one that has fallen into the trap.</p>
<p>Another idea is to use salt and ash around your plant … this becomes a kind of barrier and snails or slugs will not arrive.</p>
<p>A good idea is to fence your garden with a small wall made from newspapers. We dip these in water and sugar. We put them as walls and a splint on them so that the shadow.</p>
<p>You will see how sugar attracts snails, so we can throw them and recover our garden. You may not have as many snails as you think, a good idea is to go out at night and remove the ones you see.</p>
<p>But if the problem persists you can use any of these tips. Finally I tell you that if you put a copper plate or something slippery, on each floor, snails and slugs will slip and cannot reach the plant.</p>
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