Rotación de los cultivos en tu huerta

How to rotate crops in the garden

Usually the orchards are divided into different plots or zones, which are called eras. Each of them is intended for a single crop. The ideal is to rotate so as not to end up always cultivating the same species in the same field.

Through rotation achieved two things. First of all we avoid the appearance of diseases and soil pests. When the host is missing, the parasites will become extinct. While this is true it is not a perfect method since pests can move from one plot to another and thus end up resisting many years.

Another advantage of perform rotations in the garden It is that legumes have the characteristic of fixing atmospheric nitrogen by means of nodules in the roots, leaving an enriched soil available for the next crop.

To obtain good results after a rotation you must carry out a planing with the months of the year. Writing down everything that is being done, such as planting and planting dates, problems and results. These notes will be very useful to improve your garden over the years.

Remember to check with a table to Know the date of harvesting and harvesting of the different species. Some crops are sown once a year but others can be repeated to have the whole year, such as lettuce and radishes. When planning, he thinks that most plots will have to produce two annual crops.

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