How to sow aromatic seeds

There are aromatic plants that easily can be multiplied by seeds, including peppermint, lavender, mint, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, marjoram.

Buy the seeds in a place where they sell them healthy, if you are going to collect them, let them dry and store them on paper, never in plastic, always remember to place a label to be able to identify them easily.

The sowing time depends on each species, most must be planted during spring or early summer. Some annual herbs are sown during the fall. In the event that the cold weather the seeds can remain dormant and will begin to activate only at 15/18 degrees.

For sowing you may need alveolus trays, which have compartments, flat trays, boxes of all kinds or you can plant them directly in the ground. Remember that if you are going to use a container it must have holes in the bottom so you can Excess excess water.

In the market there are special plastic boxes called propagators, some of the models have built-in heating. In the event that propagation takes place during spring or summer heating will not be necessary.

Special substrates for sowing are sold, although you can also make them yourself. Use peat alone or mix it with sand or pearlite. Another good option is to make a mixture with a third part of peat, a third part of compost, a third part of sand.

Spread the seeds evenly on the tray or in the pot. You can place between two and three seeds for each socket. In the case that the seeds are very small we advise you to mix them with some fine sand so that they can be easily dispersed.

Place a thin layer of substrate on the seeds, if the seeds are very thin it will be enough to cover slightly. Seat the substrate by pressing lightly with your hands. Water gently so that the seeds do not move.

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