como aprovechar una planta

How to take advantage of an aged plant

To take advantage of a plant, you can do many things with it. Among all the options, today I choose to plant some cuttings of it, thus obtaining new plants. On the other hand we have more options to take advantage of an aged or dried plant, such as making a homemade compost. If you make your own compost you make sure it is organic and does not carry anything unusual, it is also a source for recycling food scraps.

But in addition to take advantage of a plant to compost or perhaps some floral composition, you can also cut small pieces of it, to produce new plants from the mother Do you want to try? Just plant cuttings

How to take advantage of a plant taking cuttings?

At school they used to spend a few hours teaching us how to plant a cut. But it is possible that many of us have forgotten, with the passage of time. Planting cuttings is nothing more than planting potted remains, in this case, of aged plants To produce new roots. To do this, it makes a cut on the stems of the plant. It is very important to cut well and maintain a measure that allows the stems to root in conditions.

We have to make the cuts below the yolks, because close to these is where the next roots will come out. Clean the plant from stems and then put each cut into a container. This container, if possible, is made of glass. I remind you of one thing, cuttings can take root both on land and in water.


If you are going to plant the cuttings in a pot, make sure it is clean. Then introduce a piece of tile inside, this helps the plant have a better oxygenation. The piece of tile must be placed right in the center, where the pot holes are. Then add fertile soil, if you have old soil from the mother plant, you can use it as a base, but always removing the remains of the plant well.

Make a hole and plant two cuttings, depending on how big the pot is. Let them grow. When a few days pass, see which stem is stronger and which has grown more, to keep only this one. Remember that cuttings are weak, you must protect them from cold, sun and wind. So that the cuttings take root well, I tell you that there are products that will help in this work.


how to take advantage of a plant

If, on the contrary, you decide to raise your cuttings in the water (decision that I love) just choose a nice glass jar and then let it root, alone, the cuttings on a stem. Add water and go. Let time pass and you will see how it roots well.

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