How to take advantage of the remains of grass

Do you want to know how to take advantage of the remains of grass? In today's space I leave some ideas to know what to do with the remains that we have left over when mowing the lawn. The most common idea, to get rid of these remains, is to throw them in the organic container, but the truth is that the grass is a perfect component to make homemade compost.

A completely natural fertilizer that, then, you can use to make your plants grow well and even to fertilize your current lawn again. This idea becomes one of the most economical, so you will have your own homemade subscription without having to buy it. On other occasions I have explained how to make natural compost at home.

To this compost you can add remains of grass that, in addition, will get rid of as quickly as being cut it decomposes very easily. If you are making or want to make homemade fertilizer, you just have to add these grass remains in the compost container that you have or do.

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<p>These remains can also be attached to harder products such as pruning remains from other plants. Remember that to make natural fertilizer, you can add traces of food such as vegetables, potatoes, fruits, coffee grounds or oil. Remember to never use rotten remains, food should break down alone and stored in layers inside a large, dark container.</p>
<p>Add layers of grass, when you cut it and let the perfect time pass for your compost to be done. Remember that you will know if it is at its point, when the color and texture it has are very similar to the earth itself. In four or five months you will have your natural compost and you can add it to those plants that need it. Throughout the year you can create your natural compost. So do not throw the rest of the cut grass, add it to create the best fertilizer.</p>
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