How to take care of Petunias

Today I leave some practical tips to take care of Petunias. They are easy, they are fast and you will see how they grow and develop beautifully. You can decorate with Petunias the areas that you like most in your home. This resistant plant needs more fertilizer than other species (especially in spring and summer) but in general they are very good as an ornament in outdoor or indoor areas.

Like every plant, Petunia needs a place where it gives them the sun. This way they will grow very quickly, especially in the warmer months of the year. Petunia generally adapts well to the weather, but remember that the sun is important to it (because it gives beautiful flowers in a short time)

But it is important to protect it from both excessive wind and rain. If there are bad days, try to cover it or change the location of the pot (if you have it planted in a pot) When the weather is nice, let it get from the sun and offer you a beautiful flowering (in a few months you will have a spectacular plant)

On watering, say what I often say … you have to water it but not water it. We do not want moisture to accumulate in the roots of this spectacular plant, so try to have a good drainage … if you have planted it in a pot. When watering, do it carefully not to wet the flowers (they are very sensitive)

Something else you should do, to keep these plants in perfect condition, is to prune them from time to time. Eliminates dead leaves, to avoid pests and pruning when the stems are very long. This is very important, if you want plants to grow and develop very well.

Remember that if you are thinking of growing or having Petunias, there are many different varieties, choose the ones you like best. They are perfect plants to decorate your favorite corners.

Photo: tinygarden

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