Protege a las plantas del calor

How to take care of your plants on hot days

High temperatures can be very bad for plants. To take care of them we must take into account some aspects. In many cases it will be necessary to create a natural padding on the floor, in addition to taking care to avoid pests and diseases.

Summer is a very special time of year when plants can suffer, especially those that bloom during summer. A point that should not be neglected during the summer is the irrigation of plants, it must be abundant, especially in the drier regions.

Let us think that water can evaporate quickly, so the watering must be deep, preventing water from coming into contact with its leaves. It is best to pour water slowly, preventing the soil from pooling.

We have to pay attention to irrigation schedules, it can be very early in the morning or when the sun has already fallen or at night. If the plants are irrigated during the hottest times, in addition to wasting water, you can generate damage due to the effect it produces on the surface of the leaves.

Plants that are in pots require more irrigation than those found on the ground. Plants that are not in pots have the possibility of seeking greater moisture and nutrients by expanding their roots. If space is limited, they will only depend on the water they are given.

The ideal is to create microclimates, this can be created thanks to the presence of trees, large bushes, ponds or on a terrace or balcony.

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