How to transplant a climbing plant

There are different steps that we have to take into account when transplant a climbing bush, we will refer to them.

Before you start digging the earth you should moisten it a bit.

It will also be necessary for you to perform an important pruning in order to reduce the length of the branches and discard the entire branch cup.

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<p style=Open a ditch with the hoe that surrounds the plant and go deeper into it, until only the root ball is left loose. There are two ways to make the root ball:

If the climber is small, you can wrap the root ball with a hard plastic or burlap cloth, tie it tightly to prevent it from breaking. It is essential that it not break To prevent it from falling apart. In some cases, when the climber is deciduous it will not be so serious that it can fall apart, the problem is with the evergreen ones that should always be transplanted helping us with the root ball.

If the climber that we are going to cross in bigger we should do a plaster of the root ball. For that you must wrap with a metallic cloth to which you must apply the plaster. Thanks to the plaster, the root ball will remain firmer and harder, without risk of breakage.

When you have prepared the root ball, whether or not plaster, you must transfer it to the chosen site. If the plant is small there will be no major problems, in case it is large it is advisable to do it between two people so as not to break it with the pull. He thinks that a fat root ball can weigh many kilos.

To plant it you will need a new location making a good hole and mixing the earth with organic fertilizer. It will not be necessary to provide mineral fertilizer, nitrates, slow release fertilizers at the time of planting, to start only an organic fertilizer will be necessary.

It is essential that you water silver to help it begin to sprout. Remember to have a root system that may be damaged or weak.

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