How to transplant a climbing plant

We will teach you to transplant climbing plants, considering that it will be necessary to take certain special care. Remember that transplanting is taking a copy of the place where it is planted and replanting it in another place.

There are different reasons why it may be necessary to transplant a vine. Among them we can mention you: if we want to use the site to place something else, if it is bothering us, if you need to do some work for which the place is needed.

Under these circumstances many people take the wise measure of transferring them to another place, instead of cutting them and throwing them in the trash. Remember that the vines are medium sized bushes They have great economic value.

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<p style=A climbing plant of a large or medium size is quite complicated to move, it can be very difficult to detach it from the wall, in those cases it will be necessary to prune almost all the branches remaining only with the trunk and with the main branches. Keep in mind that survival can be difficult if it is an old plant.

There are some species that they are much harder to transplantOthers are harder and withstand the change relatively well. Keep in mind that a vine that has been transplanted will need some time to recover.

When the size of the plant is very large it will be more difficult to transplant than a small specimen, there are more possibilities of not grasping.

The transplant should be done when the plant is at rest, the best time to change it is during the winter, you should never do it when you are in the growth or activity stage.

While the best time to do it is during the winter you should avoid the days of frost.

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