How to transplant a small cactus

How to transplant a small cactus

Good morning friends, in today's space I leave you with some tips to transplant a cactus. If you have a small cactus at home, today I leave you with these steps to follow.

I love these plants, the truth is that they are quite curious. It is true that some of them have flowers and are quite striking.

If you have cacti, decorate your home, and they have grown … maybe it's time for transplants to a pot or larger pot.

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<p>When you have chosen the pot you like, you can combine perfectly with the rest of the decoration, try not to be too large. I say it because if the cactus is small, it may not be as striking as we want.</p>
<p>Try to get the right tools like gloves, so as not to prick yourself or thick paper. If you do the latter, try to bend it and so you can remove the root ball without it being disarmed.</p>
<p>Hold the paper well, at the top, but carefully. In this way we will not spoil the cactus, held firmly, but carefully.</p>
<p>Well held, hit the base of the pot a little … you can do it by hand or with a harder surface … this way you will see that it comes easily.</p>
<p>Now take the largest pot and cover the drain hole well with a bag of chamomile, used. This trick prevents the water from being stagnant.</p>
<p>Now fill the pot halfway with a good substrate. Then make a hole and place your cactus inside. You can help yourself with the same gloves or thick paper. Try to cover the hole a little and finish filling the pot.</p>
<p>To place the cactus well in the pot, press the area of ​​the base a little or hit the bottom of the pot a little, with a surface.</p>
<p>If you wonder when to water it, do it a couple of days after the transplant. Do not abandon your cactus, it needs to be watered .. although not as much as other plants.</p>
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