How to transplant my plants - Ideas for gardens and decoration

How to transplant my plants – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning dear friends! Today we will talk about how to transplant plants, from one pot to another.

If you need to transplant your plant, but you have never done it or you are not very good .. here we leave you these simple steps that will help you in the task.

Transplanting is very simple, usually something general for many plants … but it is true that some carry more risk than others, we must know when and where to transplant them .. what kind of species we have and if it will come better.

But in general it is very simple … transplanting is just changing the pot plant and giving it a new place, either in another pot or on the ground. Normally this becomes necessary every year, for the full development of the plants.

But as we said before, all plants are not the same .. we have to know what we grow and if their transplant is necessary or not.

To all of us who have to transplant, what we fear most is to take the plant out of the pot … for fear of destroying the roots. This is the difficulty.

The first thing is to know where we want to transplant and prepare the soil of the new pot or soil. Once done just use the palm of your hand to retain the angitua earth.

Hold the stems between the fingers and extend the palm of the hand over the earth .. turn the pot over and quickly remove the plant. If you see that it does not come out, you can tap the pot or separate the soil a little so that it leaves without problems.

A trick for the plant to go well is to wet the old soil, so it will separate from the pot without problems, facilitating the operation.

Another option if it does not come out and not to spoil the plant, is to cut the old pot … use the necessary tools.

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