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How to transplant your favorite plants

Today I propose some information to know how to transplant your favorite plants to other pots, to the ground or wherever you want to put them. The plants give life, joy and an intoxicating perfume … not to mention the amount of colors that can contribute to the decoration (both interior and exterior)

If you have never had and do not know how to transplant your favorite plants, today I leave some tips. My first time, although the expression sounds a little strange, it was a disaster because the plant in question had not rooted well and this resulted in more than one root being broken. Sometimes nothing happens because a small one is broken, but at other times this can simply cause you to run out of plants.

The act of transplanting a plant must be with care, tenderness and affection. When you have to change the pot or place, buy a bag of a suitable substrate for it and so we also take the opportunity to take care of it. Then take a knife and loosen the soil where your plant is, you have to be careful when doing this we just want to loosen the soil a little. Then with the help of both hands, one holding the plant well, on the bottom and the other the pot, invert the meaning of it.

Inspect the root ball and roots, if you see that there are some that are dead or do not have the right color can be cut so that the plant grows healthily. The latter can be done with scissors. Generally they should have a light and fleshy appearance. The new pot that we are going to use has to be very clean and then fill it with substrate, water a little without passing and then add the plant with the roots down, obviously.

Then add a little more substrate until you check that the plant does not fall and remains vertically. Then water a little more and voila, if everything went well your plant will continue to grow without problems. If you want a more spongy substrate mix with room temperature water.

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