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How to turn eggshells into small pots to decorate

Are you looking for nice ideas? Today I leave you with the steps to follow to transform eggshells into small pots and decorate any of our spaces. At the window, at a table or in a nice corner they will look great. You can use them as a centerpiece or as small natural details.

To transform the eggshells into pots, first you have to empty them (prepare an omelet or something that you have to use these friends) Once the shells are broken, try to leave the larger base, instead of breaking them in half. Then, empty and carefully, we wash them and let them dry. Then take a pin and make a hole right at the base of the pot … a good drain for your plant.

When they have dried, place the husks on a well-seated base. Then with a spoon or something similar, go adding fertile soil. Bury the seed or cuttings of the chosen plant and then add more soil.

As you see it is quite simple, we just have to have a little touch and treat the shell gently. Getting the bigger side will be a great success, so we have a little deeper pot. You can plant or you can move a cut or even transplant a small plant.

On the eggshells there are also many ideas to decorate them, you can also leave them with the original color. Depending on the style you want to give them you can decorate them in one way or another. For example, painting them is a great idea, we can also practice the technique of decoupage on the surface, they will look great.

Another idea is to get a black marker and draw what you want, it is also a great idea for childrenSurely they will be very entertaining. Another thing that comes to mind is that you make sure, when leaving the small pots somewhere to decorate, that they are well seated so that they do not tip over.

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Photo: diy; doeksisters

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