convertir bombillas en jarrones

How to turn light bulbs into decorative vases

Turning light bulbs into curious vases, like the ones we see in the picture, is quite easy. It only takes a little time, pliers and maybe gloves to protect us. Light bulbs can be recycled in many different ways. This way, in particular, I love it since it gives the environment a certain vintage, elegant and curious touch.

Turn bulbs into vases It is, therefore, a great solution to decorate indoor environments and outdoor spaces. It is a great idea to hang them, in fact you can make a few and hang them in the form of a waterfall. Too you can hang them in a row, from a wall, from the ceiling or wherever you want.

Another great idea is to look for a base, where to fit the bulb and thus be able to put it on any surface that you like. When filling the bulb, you can use water or other elements such as sand, seed stones. In this case it is water, since the goal is to convert the bulbs into Decorative vases

The first step is get rid of the entire interior of the bulb, those little wire we see must go outside. The way to do it is with care and care, in addition to taking small pliers. With these pliers we get rid of the metal part of the «nozzle» and take out the entire part of the interior.

Once empty, clean the bulb well, being careful not to cut yourself. After roll up a rope or wire, around the «nozzle» to be able to hang the bulb later. By last fill the interior with water, add half aspirin and place the flowers you like best. Aspirin is used to make flowers last longer, although you can also put cloth flowers. As you see the idea is quite easy to carry out and it looks great almost anywhere. What do you think?

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