jardin vertical con un palet

How to use a pallet to create a vertical garden

Today I leave you with this pallet that helps create a vertical garden, ideal for almost all places … and an excellent decorative solution, for places with few square meters. We are many who think about creating a plant wall at home, either outside or inside, with all its corresponding precautions.

These green walls or a vertical garden, it is easy to create at home. Although today you can find very different structures to carry them out, we can also look at home for some tables or some base to add the pots and plants. In this case we have a great pallet, these woods are great for creating thousands of things. Furniture, accessories and now, a vertical garden; pallets are very recyclable objects and convertible into other things completely different. Many times I have talked to you about them, with love because it makes our decorations quite economical.

Remember to look for a pallet with the dimensions you need, more or less large. It also monitors that within what fits it is not infected by a pest. If so, there are also products to treat these woods and leave them well cleaned. Otherwise try to choose a pallet that is in good condition, by this I mean that the wood is not rotten or carries some tenants.

Then wash the woods well, let them dry and paint. If you like the natural color of the wood, I only advise you to varnish it, so when you place it the wood will last much longer in good condition. On the other hand you can paint the wood of the colors you want. To finish you will need to anchor the pallet to the wall, so we must add the corresponding hooks.

The same happens with the pots, they will all need something to sustain them. You can resort to many elements that will help you, hooks and other hardware that will allow you to fix the pots to the structure. Finally full of plants and flowers, it will be perfect. What do you think?

Photo: beautyharmonylife

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