Consejos para el riego de frutales

How to water the fruit trees

Thanks to irrigation, fruit trees can open their flowers and their fruits will develop optimally. In the first year of the plant you should not lack water and over the years the risks can be reduced.

The ideal is perform a localized irrigation, which can be drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation is a widely used system for this type of trees. Ideally, place between 4 and 6 emissions per tree depending on the size. The emitters are distributed around to wet the root zone along with the trunk.


Another way of water fruit trees It is by means of an exudation tape. In the event that the soil is very sandy it is a better technique than dripping.

The risk with micro sprinklers should have an amount of irrigation and a frequency that will depend on different factors. For example, there are species that require more water than others, a smaller tree requires less water than a larger one. They should also be watered more during spring than in the colder times.

To complement the irrigation you can apply a thick layer of padding, a garden compost, leaves, etc., at the foot of the tree. In these cases you can decrease the amount of water to apply.

Those fruit trees that are in pots require greater care than the species we grow on land.

And finally remember that smaller fruit varieties It needs less water to fatten the fruit. If in the area where there is a water shortage we advise you to choose species that are less vigorous and that are not especially productive. Having fewer fruits will require less water.

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