How to water the orchids

How to water the orchids

Good morning friends, today I leave some tips to learn to water the orchids you have decorating your home or garden.

Orchids are beautiful flowers, which many of us love. If you have these flowers planted, you will like to know a little more about their good watering.

To learn to water this type of plants, today I leave some tips that will be very useful. Orchids need some care and, among them, good watering.

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<p>If you don't have much idea, today I leave you these tips. Remember that orchids are of equatorial origin and tropical climates.</p>
<p>They usually develop on some tree trunks or on the ground. It is important to know what species of Orchid we grow.</p>
<p>It is also important to know how the flower reacts, to the irrigation we give it … because all orchids are not equal.</p>
<p>If you have planted these flowers in a pot, do not have them in contact with the water to avoid rotting the roots.</p>
<p>The water must be room temperature and, in addition, it will not contain chlorine or it will not be mineral water. Theirs is to water them with distilled water or rain.</p>
<p>It is important, when watering, soak the soil or substrate where they are planted. Of course, try to have a good drainage.</p>
<p>We will water all the earth, in conditions, until it goes below it .. but without letting it accumulate inside.</p>
<p>You should know that certain waters and more if it stagnates in the pot, they can contain impurities and salts that seriously harm the plant.</p>
<p>Here you have these tips, I hope you find them very useful for all of you who have this lovely flower.</p>
<p>Orchids also serve to decorate any part of our home. I particularly love them and they smell pretty good.</p>
<p>Thanks for reading!</p>
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