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How to water the plants on vacation?

Do you want ideas to water the plants on vacation? When you go on vacation you do not have to suffer for your beloved plants, there are always things and small tricks that can be carried out and so they will be well watered Do not let your plants dry out! Some species will require more water than others, if your plants need water you can turn to several things.

A great idea is to take a piece of suede and trim a strip. We must trim a strip, for each pot we have and want to water on vacation. Then bury one end of the suede strip in the pot and leave the other end submerged in a bowl of water.

With this advice I give you, while you are at the beach or visiting great places, your plants will absorb the water from the container through the chamois without problems. As you can see it is very easy fast to do. Cut out as many strips as you want and put this advice into practice.

Another thing that can be done is to take a plastic bottle, pierce the cap, refill the water container and then put the cap back on. Finally put the bottle upside down and bury it a little in the potting soil. Gradually the water will go through the holes in the lid (remember that it must be a small one or several very thin ones)

Finally and more common is to call a relative, friend, acquaintance or neighbor who occasionally goes to water the plants, to watch over them and look for them. It doesn't have to be every day, but it can help you a lot when you go on vacation for a long time. But not everyone wants to depend on someone or not everyone has someone willing to water our plants. Are you going on vacation? What methods will you use to water the plants?

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