Consejos para regar las plantas de maceta

How to water the pots

If you have doubts about how water a plant that is in pot you should not stop reading this article. Keep in mind that there are different systems to obtain good results based on the different species.

Not all species require the same amount of water or the same irrigation system. Plants found in pots require more water since the substrate is limited and evaporates faster. Based on the place where the macerate is, we will have to water more or less regularly.

Irrigation from above is the most traditional and the one used with most plants. It can be carried forward by a glass or a watering can. In this type of irrigation the water is applied directly on the substrate, it is very important that all the precautions are taken so that the water does not touch the flowers or the leaves since they can be damaged or generate the appearance of fungi.

Another way of watering the plants is by immersion. In this case a pot should be placed in the sink or in a bucket with water. It is an ideal system to water orchids.

And finally we will refer to irrigation through the plate. In that system the roots will have the possibility of drinking the water they deem necessary. Water is placed directly on the pot plate and left for a few minutes until the plant has hydrated. Then the excess water must be discarded. An excellent alternative to water bulbs or plants whose stems are sensitive to moisture.

Experts believe that watering should be done early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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