Regar los rosales

How to water the roses

We will continue talking about the importance of rose irrigation. Remember that these are species whose roots are at a sufficient depth that does not require too frequent watering. Do not forget to read the previous article in which you will be able to know more details and secrets of the irrigation of the roses.

Although watering must be abundant, waterlogging should be avoided. If the plant is flooded for several days it can be very harmful. Too much water is a big problem for almost all plants. A very common mistake is to water the plants too much, in most cases it is better to fall short than to overdo it.

Plants should be watered early in the morning or when the sun goes down at sunset. They should not be watered in the hottest hours of the day.

When watering the rose bushes you should not wet the flowers or the leaves since they will favor the appearance of fungi, one of the biggest problems that roses have. Always water at the foot of the plant, using a hose, shower or drip irrigation.

The risks you give to your rose bushes by shower or hose should be in small quantities. Besides the spaced irrigation allows the roots to develop more potently, this is good because the rose bushes become stronger and self-sufficient in case you can't water them.

There are many who water every three days to the rose bushes in the summer, but you can also water much less and accustom the plant to receive less water.

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