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Hydrangea care

Today we will refer to a topic that can generate many doubts, we will refer to hydrangea colors. The most sought-after shade in hydrangeas is blue, it is highly valued since you cannot always get a flower with this color.

There are many varieties of hydrangeas, each of them is characterized by having a specific flower color, there are some varieties of white flower, pink flower, red flower, purple and blue. Let's keep in mind that it is a plant that needs a lot of moisture and acidic soil for its development.

If the hydrangea does not have sufficiently acidic earth the plant may suffer the consequences, such as a change in the color of its leaves. When the plants have yellow leaves, it means that they do not absorb all the iron they need, this also means that the flowers cannot have the intense tones as they should.

The blue hydrangeas that is cultivated in land that is not acidic will give us pink flowers. To obtain good results you must have an acid soil and an adequate dose of iron chelates. If the water where you live is very heavy avoid using it to irrigate your hydrangeas, it is best to use rainwater or let the water rest in buckets so that the lime is sedimented.

In the case of pink hydrangeas, as they are not in acidic soil, the flowers will look white with shades of light pink. In these cases we advise you to rectify the pH of the soil.

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