Hydrangea care

Hydrangea care

Are you looking for the best hydrangea care? This colorful bush is very chosen to fill the garden with color. Remember that this plant native to Asia, usually grows in clusters and there are many different varieties and with a wide range of colors. If you want to brighten up your garden in summer, playing with different species of hydrangeas will brighten up every corner.

Now, hydrangea care is not much more different from other plants. They need pampering, water, light and avoid pests. This plant is usually kept outdoors, but you can also try to plant it indoors to decorate any of your spaces.

Among the care of Hydrangea we must have spatial attention when watering. This shrub needs a lot of water, in summer you have to water it daily. If it rains it is not necessary, but as we are scarce in rains … it will surely be necessary. The flowers wilt quickly with the absence of water, so you know how to water!

It is very important to prune it from time to time, but do it after flowering of the bush. In this way you will be helping Hydrangea grow healthy and strong, offering its best bouquets of flowers. Another thing we have to do is prepare the soil well by paying it every two weeks in the hot months (you can add liquid fertilizer)

The reeds that you have ever seen next to hydrangeas, serve to prevent the heavy foliage from clutching the plant. If you see that the foliage is very thick, you can do the same so you will avoid this happening. Finally we have to control pests, remember that bugs that will be around hydrangeas are the famous aphid and the red spider. If they already have pests, try adding the most suitable products for your plant.

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