Hydroponics technique (III) – Ideas for gardens and decoration

One more article in which we will refer to The interesting technique of hydroponics. Today, promptly, we will talk about the nutritive solution.

This technique requires that your plants receive nutrients how calcium, phosphorus, hydrogen, iron, boron, sulfur, oxygen, potassium, zinc. Each of these elements is necessary for the correct development of the plants since their properties come to complement each other, providing the plant with all the nutrients they need.

At present you will find in the market products in which components are combined, hydroponic solutions are already made and are an excellent and practical alternative.

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<p style=The solutions usually help the roots of the plants to cling to the inside of the containers.

It is essential that periodically drains and oxygen the water, place the nutrients that the crop needs, the best are those that provide an amount of oxygen that goes between 15 and 35 percent. Some products are very economical, such as pumice, sand, gravel, rice husk. We can use a hose to remove water and thus replenish nutrients from the container. A controller clock will help us control the time spaces between one drain and another.

Plant development will depend, in large part, on good planting.. The quality of the seeds is very important, as are the conditions in which they germinate, which will determine future growth. A seedbed will facilitate this first stage.

An excellent alternative is that every three or four hours a day you can oxygenate the water, this can be done thanks to the help of an aeration pump and every three or four days, we must perform a control of the hydroponic solution by adding the necessary components to maintain the Nutrient quality that the plant requires. Once a month, in the first time we will renew the water, which can be used to irrigate other plants in the garden.

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