Idea. A very natural centerpiece

Good morning friends, today we will talk about how to add an original and fresh touch to the surfaces of our home.

Remember that I love looking for that little natural spot in every corner of the house, always without overloading … just looking for tranquility and relaxation.

In this way we propose a theme, for your table, of the most natural .. all with elements of nature itself.

A lovely centerpiece, which will easily become the center of attention and decoration protagonist.

It is the easiest to do, it only takes a few minutes and encourage us to do something different!

In this case it gathers several elements that, surely you will have at home or else you can get them.

If you dare, you just have to get some sand .. you can get it from the beach, the parks or buy it.

We will also need a vase, of glass if possible .. in this way we will see the elements that we will introduce into the vase.

Then look for some dry branches and some white paint, plus a container or base to put everything, some moss or green plants and a satin ribbon.

Now take the branches and paint them white … this is optional, we can also leave them more natural.

We will use the satin ribbon to decorate the vase, you can cut a strip and adhere it to it, in the area of ​​the mouthpiece or make a nice bow.

Place the painted branches inside the vase and add all the white sand you have, try to put the branches beautifully.

Now take the base where we will put everything, this time it is a square tray. Here we will put some foami in green and on this moss, grass or any plant in green.

As you can see, the final result is the most attractive and natural! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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