Idea for your Balcony - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Idea for your Balcony – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Today in Decoration and Gardens we present some great ideas for decorate your balcony or terrace. If you do not have a garden, patio or a small terrace, but it has at least one great balcony … here we leave you some simple ideas that will make the most of this outdoor space.

This place is great for sunbathing, to give us a little air, to smoke, hang out, read … that is why we will have to condition it to be comfortable and also with a nice decoration, especially now that the good weather arrives.

If you have a terrace, think about putting furniture on it, such as small sofas or armchairs, chairs, some pillows, puff .. it is important to condition the place .. a small table would be perfect to support for example the drink, something to peck .. yes You do not have spaces, you can always put some small shelves and in them some great plants.

Because plants are something indispensable or almost essential when trying to decorate outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, terraces or in this case balconies. Whenever you can add some green with your favorite plants and flowers … if you do not have space we can always put a great vertical garden.

In Decoration and Gardens we have already talked about this plant solution for our walls … besides decorating it will prevent us from taking a lot of extra space … especially if we do not have these.

The final finish so that the decoration comes to life outdoors, as in the balconies, are plants and flowers … choose your favorites and put them on the floor, either on the wall or hanging from the railing … we can also hang them in beautiful flower pots on the ceiling .

Finally add a nice lighting, if you do not have space we can always put some sconces on the wall .. such as great headlights.

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