Idea. Make your own source

Idea. Make your own source

Good morning dear friends! In today's space we talk about how to make a great and rustic garden fountain.

If you have a nice patio or a great garden, now you can have your own fountain without spending anything money.

In a very economic way we will have a source of truth, of aspect rustic.. that we can use to decorate.

Everything will be based on how you mount it, you can substitute some of the pieces that we are going to name and make the source to your own taste in a matter of color and shape.

These elements so popular in any garden, they become a most relaxing sight for our eyes and ears.

The source we are going to do is also portable, so we can move it from its original location as many times as we want.

To make this nice fountain we need: A submersible water pump, a plastic tube, in this case a square galvanized tub and several pots.

We will also need some stones, the ones you like best, a galvanized cube smaller than the others and a ceramic or glass ball 18 to 20 cm in diameter.

The first thing we do is install the pump, this we do in the bottom of the tub, put it correctly and around it we put the inverted pots.

On these we fill with the stones that we have taken, the river ones are worth perfectly … but choose the ones you like best.

The next step is to drill the bottom of the bucket, so we make a hole through which the pump tube will pass. You may not have such a large drill to make the hole, so you can make several small ones around it and then trim to make it bigger.

Pass the tube through the hole made, then place the bucket on the tub .. here you can try several positions such as dump or put it in the center. To keep it from falling, add more stones.

Finally fill the bucket and tubs with the rest of the stones and other elements that you want to add to your source. Try to keep everything as stable as possible, distribute the weight well.

Finally, put the ball we discussed in the first cube and thus the tube will throw the water over it. Fill the tub with water and connect the pump.


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