decorar para halloween la puerta de la casa

Idea to decorate our outdoor door on Halloween

If you are looking for ideas, to decorate on Halloween, today I leave a very nice decorative option. Remember the importance of decorating the door of the house and the entrance, sometimes we do not spend all the time that these spaces need. Instead, we spend more time in areas such as the living room. But remember, it is also important to decorate the exterior of our home.

In this case I leave the image of a house, but we can also create something similar, to decorate the door of our house on Halloween (even if it is a flat, an attic, a studio …) The idea is quite simple, to create at home. Do you dare to decorate on Halloween? With a little colored tape, we will get practically all the face we see at the door.

The bottom of your door will be the bottom of the face. In this way, count on it to think about the adhesive tapes that we are going to buy, because some colors will stand out more than others. On this occasion they have chosen purple and green shades, as they stand out quite well on a black background. We will use the adhesive tapes to create the mouth and the eyebrows.

Decorate on Halloween: How to make a monstrous face at the door

For the mouth, cut a piece of adhesive and glue horizontally. Then we decorate with several tapes, smaller, vertically … but twisting them deliberately, to create the expression. For bangs you can engineer them in different ways. One idea is to add strips of paper, the color you want, dropping them to the eyes. You can also put wool or other thread; You can also put strips of cloth. Finally fix the bangs, on the top of the door with a little adhesive.

Finally the eyes, for this you can get some black and white felt. Then draw several circles, cut and paste. Each circle will be smaller, to create a kind of moving eyes. If you are able to get such big mobile eyes, they will be perfect. How about decorating your doors?

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