Idea to decorate pots - Ideas for gardens and decoration

Idea to decorate pots – Ideas for gardens and decoration

Good morning friends! In today's space we propose you a great idea that we have seen, to decorate some of your pots.

We know that there is a wide range of possibilities and techniques to decorate them, so you can give them a new look.

To favor those pots that we see too simple, to give them a little more style or simply because you have tired of them, today we propose this nice decoration.

Ideal for decorating any corner, these pots are perfect to give appeal to rustic, romantic and original environments.

Give a different point to your pots, find the one you like best. This time we see them wrapped in a piece of cloth or napkin.

It is something of the simplest, that we can take advantage of to incorporate into parties or events that we have at home. Also to decorate the home for a while.

Remember that among the things we can use to decorate in addition to leftover cloth or napkins, you can paint them, adhere seeds, dried flowers or pearls with a little silicone.

You can choose a nice design and paint it in the pot, add glitter or a nice bow without it being reloaded. On other occasions we have seen how to paint them in neon color, for example.

Today we propose a simple way to decorate. Just take a napkin and make two folds, if the napkin is square, you can try to fold it diagonally … so we will leave a peak.

Then fold the upper area a little and fold around the entire outline of the pot. To fix the piece of scrap to the structure without falling, just tie them a beautiful tanza or rustic rope. Make a loop and go!

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