decorar con recipientes y flores

Idea to decorate with containers and flowers

Decorating with containers and flowers is easier than we think. Also sure that at home, you have some glass jars that you do not use. A great idea, to recycle with containers and flowers, is to hang them from the ceiling. Yes, as you hear it. It is a beautiful decorative option, especially if you hang them in front of a window or somewhere where sunlight penetrates through the jars.

This time, the idea is easy enough to decorate with containers and flowers. Enough with choose a few jars that you like, in this case they are not very big. By choosing smaller containers, we make sure they are not too heavy to hang. The boats must be very clean, remove traces of dust, impurities or stains that you may have.

Done this, choose a rope that you like. It must be resistant so that the boats are very safe, at heights. Roll the nozzle of each boat with the rope, you can make a kind of handle with it or you can play with the length of the strings, to create a more dynamic set.

decorate with containers and flowers

After the previous steps, you just have to fill the jars with water. Do it halfway, do not overfill. After place the flowers you want, inside the jar. They can be lie flowers or real flowers. If you put them fresh, it is a great idea to add an aspirin to the water and change this water every day. This way the flowers will last longer. It is also important the way you cut your stemsIf you do it diagonally, the tip of the stem will absorb water more easily than if you make a straight cut.

As you see decorating with containers can become a great solution, to beautify all our spaces. Of course they will not go unnoticed. We will also be recycling and this is a great idea that we should all practice. What do you think?

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