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Idea to decorate with grass and numbers

Today I leave you with an excellent idea to decorate with grass and numbers. I remind you that in time of pruning, when you go to mow the remains you can leave them to create projects like the one we see below. Remember that grass remains can also be used to make organic compost.

The decoration based on grass and numbers, in this case it is aimed for some type of event such as a wedding. If you need or are looking for an idea to list the tables, here I leave you with these natural and green numbers. If you dare to do something similar, here is an idea to do them.

First have some wooden or plastic sticks on hand, these will serve to stand up the numbers. You will also need cardboard or wood to make the numbers themselves. It is easy to trace the shape on the cardboard and then cut, make sure that the material is not too thin, the thicker the more shape you will give the number (or letters)

On the other hand you will need glue, remnants of natural grass (although you can also use the artificial one) Finally look for a base to prick the stick and that the number or letters are vertical. Now that you have the necessary materials, you only have to implement the following steps.

First make the numbers or letters on cardboard, then cut out. After sticking a stick from behind, it can be with silicone or specific glue. Remember to cut the wooden stick, as you want (they can be stick sticks)

Now, with the remains of grass, go upholstering the whole number. This work must be done with patience, so that it looks good. Use the glue that you see best, if you use silicone, try not to see it. Go patiently fixing the remains of grass on the number until it is completely covered.

Finally and once dry, click the stick on a base that holds well. It can be in a pot with soil, it can be in a sponge base and maybe covered with a bit of moss … you can prick your numbers wherever you like. Now your guests will distinguish the tables perfectly. Another idea is to make names, using remains of grass and cardboard. There are other ways to make these numbers, below I leave the tutorial What do you think?

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