decorar con palet

Idea to decorate with pallet

If you want to achieve a rustic style in your home, you can decorate some area with pallet. On many occasions I have left you big and small ideas, to decorate with pallet. These small woods, which you can find in many places, are used for many projects. It is a great idea to use these woods to create tables or pots, like the ones we see today or other types of furniture.

further decorating with pallets is a great idea to make accessories or outdoor furniture. Of course, it is better to treat and varnish the woods so that they resist more weather agents and the passage of time. The pallets are perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. What do you think?

This time we see how They have taken a pallet and transformed it into a beautiful table. This is not complicated to achieve, there is also a very interesting result. To do it we have to sand the wood well and then apply the color we want, if we consider it convenient you can also apply a layer of sealing paint.

In this case the table has been painted in a beautiful white color and, in addition, they have put some wheels. A perfect way to recycle a pallet, to make it a very easy to move table. An idea is to put a glass at the end, so you can put everything you want without falling.

Finally another great idea, to complete this rustic atmosphere, is create some pots. Small decorative pots can also be made from pallets. If you have leftover wood or you have more pallet to recycle, you can take measurements, saw and then paste or assemble. Within the set, put the original pot and go. A perfect complement for a rustic or natural environment. Do you like it? What do you think?

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