Idea to decorate with pots

If you like to decorate with pots, today I leave you this magnificent blue tower. As a small wonder, you can put it both in the garden, in a patio or inside your home. Decorating with pots is very easy, it only takes a little imagination. But, in the meantime, I share some ideas.

You know that you have the last word, you can change the color, the way to stack and fit the pots and flowers to plants. But the idea is quite simple, and not only this, it is also original to decorate a corner in this way. If you have some pots, which you do not use or have just bought, you can put them this way.

One option is to paint them, especially if the pot no longer has the color you like or you want to give it a touch of color. On this occasion the light blue has been the chosen color, they also go all the same color .. although you can use several shades or several colors, to give more joy.

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<p>In addition the pots contain beautiful flowers inside, to put them in this way you have to watch that the pots do not weigh much and that the plants are not very large. Try to put, if anything, the smallest pots above and the largest pots below. In a perfect balance, some sherds are buried in others and so hold, while others need a good fixation.</p>
<p>This time the pots have a hole in the base. Through this hole they have introduced an iron bar. Then you just have to put the pots and put them as you want, depending on whether they have the hole in the center just or on one side or the other, to create this effect. But it can also be done differently, although I think this is the safest.</p>
<p>Buy a glue that can join the material, from which your sherds are made, and then go gluing … but try to keep everything well fixed and seated. On this occasion we wanted to culminate with a beautiful fountain. Located at the top, it goes with a nice little bird as a detail. In addition they have painted it in blue, this way it combines perfectly with the rest of pots.</p>
<p>The flowers give that dynamism that we are looking for, with different colors and arranged in each of the pots, except in the last one that goes the fountain with the cute little bird. I hope you like it!</p>
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